ERASMUS+ 2017-2019

Erasmus+ Project “Not a So.Lo. Wave” (2017-1-IT02-KA219-036791)

17-22 Febbraio 2019: Rosiorii de Vede – Romania. The Italian work..

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The ERASMUS+ KA2 project, approved by the European agency, had its kick off with the Teacher Training Week, 20-24 November 2017, in LICEI CARTESIO (Headmistress Mrs Maria Morisco) Triggiano – Ba – Italy.

Teachers and headmasters from Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia and Spain took part as trainees in the CLIL methodology intensive course (27 hours), lecturers Ida Maiellaro, Physics teacher, in collaboration with Maria Giovanna Nanna (teacher of English) and Camilla Zonno (teacher of Italian, History and Geography) in Licei Cartesio, and with Rosario Cuart (STUCOM – Barcellona – Spain). The Italian team of the project is completed by Mariateresa Di Leone (Art teacher) and Maurizia Limongelli (Physics teacher).

The essence of the project is in the title. It deals with a Physics specific topic, waves, with connections to music (So.und) as sound waves are an example of mechanics waves, and light (Lo.ok) as light are electromagnetic waves, in a CLIL mode. Moreover, a solo, in music, is a solitary expression of a musician, but waves are transmission of Energy and CLIL activities are very often collaborative and group work, that’s why it’s not a solo wave.

We planned to work on this project in order to lead students into a specific topic as waves in Physics, connecting it to Music and Art, thanks to CLIL methodology.

Our aim is to let them get closer to STEM subjects. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathis)

We will work on preparing lessons about the chosen topic together with our partner schools in order to spread the experience in Europe and compare reactions of students in five Countries. Moreover, students will be hosted in family so to share customs and learn from other cultures, enriching their knowledge and acquiring an open-minded attitude.

At the end of the period of delivering lessons to students, a CLIL tool kit, ready to be used, will be available on the net in order to share our experience; another way of transmitting Energy, that of the good practices !

Ida Maiellaro